Thats one way to Farm

Farmers here, farmers there, farmers everywhere. The Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market is filled with agronomists of all demographics.

Just like the multiple demographics of people, there are multiple demographics of farming techniques.

Stella owner of Horny Toad Farm in South Phoenix uses flood irrigation and a bubbling system to grow crops all while saving water.

According to Stella the “bubbling system” is a manageable way of saving water because it comes at a “slower and even rate as opposed to open gate flooding.”

The 1.2.3 on Phoenix Flood Irrigation system

  1. Many farms in Phoenix receive their water source from a watershed. The watershed receives its water from the Colorado River the Salt and Verde River systems, and groundwater.
  2. The water then travels from the watershed into lakes, dams, canals, and laterals to farmers of Phoenix.
  3. The irrigation system fills individuals' land with 2-3 inches of water.
  4. The water will absorb into the soil and allow trees and crops to grow.
  5. SRP is a popular water delivery system here in the Grand Canyon State.

The family of Al-Hamka Farm & Bakery in Central Phoenix uses a traditional farming method to grow their produce without using any chemical fertilizers instead using their own compost.

The Al-Hamka family embraces the ability to grow their own organic produce and provide it to the community of Arizona.